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Tree Pruning Services

Crown Reduction

A Crown Reduction is the process of reducing the height and/or side branches to lighten the weight or stress on the main body of the tree and may also be used to decrease the amount of shading the tree has on a garden or house. It is generally used where the tree is to be retained but needs to be made smaller. The work is carried out to leave the tree in a formative shape so as not to be unsightly. Each tree responds differently to being crown reduced, therefore the size of the reduction depends largely on the species and age of the tree.

Crown Lifting/Raising

This is the process of removing the lower branches of the tree to allow for more clearance from ground level. It may also be used to lift the branches of buildings, flower beds, driveways etc. The branches are removed from the tree up to a specified point e.g. 5Ms from the ground. Every care is taken not to disrupt the shape of the tree so that it does not look unbalanced.

Crown Thinning

A crown thinning is the systematic removal of the smaller branches or crossing branches within the canopy of the tree. This allows for the tree to look 'cleaner' and less dense. The reasons for doing this is to allow more light to pass through the tree, as well as allow the wind to pass for freely through the tree. Crown thinning will in no way alter the shape or size of the tree.


This the removal of any dead, damaged or dying branches within the tree. This should be done as part of regular maintenance to reduce the likelihood of branches breaking or debris falling out of the tree.

Chipping / Site Clearance

As part of the service we can chip all smaller branches and will always make sure the site is clean and tidy before finishing. Larger sections and timber can be removed from site, left as lengths or cut into smaller rounds to be used as firewood.

Tree Felling Services

Section Dismantle

Section Dismantling is the removal of the tree by taking it down in pieces. This is achieved by climbing up and removing branches individually either as whole branches, hand held pieces or even by lowering the branches carefully with ropes. This process is carried out when there is limited room available or if the tree is situated over a building or other objects which may be damaged if the tree was to be straight felled.

Straight Felling

This is when the tree is cut down without doing any other work to it. It is the quickest way of bring a tree down however it needs an area to be felled into to and it needs to be clear of obstacles. Cutting a tree down in this manner can also disturb the ground as branches may dig into the earth. Some trees may also need to be pulled over using winches depending on if the tree is leaning or weighted in the wrong direction.

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